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Rain Chains

What are Rain Chains?

Originating hundreds of years ago in Japan, Rain Chains act as linked funnels that guide rainwater from the roof to the ground. They are a decorative and functional alternative to a cheerless gutter downspout. Water playfully dances down these pure copper links and cups to create a captivating and relaxing atmosphere. Rainwater can even be collected and used effectively in the garden. Polished copper Rain Chains will age gracefully over time to a blue/green patina. These alternatives to a closed downspout pipe can be used as long as you have a good system to catch the water under it and channel it away from the house foundation.

Pure Copper Rain Chains - Click on any image below to view a larger version.
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Tea Pot over Tea Cups, Watering Can over flowers, Wine Bottle over Grapes & Wine Glass, and Flowers
$180.00 - 6' Strand w/loops

Tea Pot over Tea Cup Rain Chain
Watering can over flower Rain Chain
Wine over grapes Rain Chain

Flowers, Tulip, Fish, Umbrella, Bluebell (18 cups), or Crocus (18 cups) • $160.00 - 6' Strand w/loops

Flowers Rain Chain
Tulip Rain Chain
Fish Rain Chain
Umbrella Rain Chain
Bluebell Rain Chain
Crocus Rain Chain

Double Linked Zen Loop • $120.00 - 6' Strand       Small Link Single Loop Chain • $80.00 - 6' Strand

Double Linked Zen Loop Rain Chain
Small link chain Rain Chain

Copper Basin - $90.00

Copper basin

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